A digital media company

At, we are stepping into the digital media landscape with a fresh perspective and a commitment to building meaningful connections.

Based in Norway we operate and manage affiliate and e-commerce websites, aiming to create value for businesses and consumers through innovative digital solutions.

Who we are - Steinar Hansen - CEO

Steinar Hansen


Leading with vision and integrity - Geir-Erik Steen - Marketing Director

Geir-Erik Steen

Marketing Director

With a creative mind and strategic thinking - Joruun Bjørnsen  - Social media manager

Jorunn Bjørnsen

Social Media Manager

With a dynamic approach to social media

What we do

At our core, is about more than just digital media. We are about creating synergies between technology and people, where affiliate marketing and e-commerce are platforms for innovative experiences. is a digital media company that operates affiliate and e-commerce websites primarily within Countries in Scandinavia.

Steinar Hansen

We focus on the Scandinavian market, aiming to significantly impact online interactions and facilitate business growth and consumer satisfaction.

Join us on our journey

As a newly launched company, we are just beginning our journey, but we believe in the power of our vision and the strength of our team.

We invite you to follow along as we embark on this exciting path, exploring the possibilities of digital media and creating lasting partnerships.